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Bankruptcy is a form of debt relief. It is not the end of your financial life but the beginning of your new financial era. It gives someone who is overwhelmed with debt a new beginning. Many people feel that a bankruptcy has a stigma. However, it should be looked upon as a financial planning tool. Major corporations use bankruptcy to reorganize and reinvigorate their business. You can do the same on a personal level.

Filing bankruptcy can stop garnishments, may prevent residential sheriff sales, stop creditor harassment and eliminate most of your debts. Do not let the stress of financial problems ruin your life or destroy your personal relationships or marriage. Remember you can use this tool to get back on your financial feet and get a fresh start. We file petitions for clients who live in the following counties: Madison, Delaware, Hamilton, Hancock, Henry, and Marion.

Our prices are competitive. We will answer your bankruptcy questions. Call us at 765.649.9340 for a free consultation or submit the below form to learn if bankruptcy is right for you.

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