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About Us

I am a licensed attorney in Indiana.  Named after my father, an Anderson factory worker, I was raised as a proud Hoosier in Madison County, Indiana. I am a husband and a father of four children. I completed my Bachelor of Science at Ball State University, and while working full-time during the day and attending evening classes, I earned my Doctorate of Juris Prudence from IU Law School with honors. Understanding hard work, diversity, and the difficulties that life brings to each of us and our families has allowed me to practice law successfully for over 30 years.

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When I graduated from law school I worked in private practice and directed the IV-D program for the Johnson County Prosecutor’s office. I have worked in private law firms, including the UAW Legal Services Plan, and as a solo practitioner.

Currently my practice solely includes bankruptcy.

I help people save their homes from foreclosure, stop garnishments, resolve difficult family situations and rebuild their lives. Serving people from all walks of life, I believe in the dignity of the human spirit and that everyone should be treated with respect. I am thorough, experienced and ready to be your advocate.

We have a full staff at Davenport Law Office that are ready to help you when needed. Please contact our law office today for a free consultation.

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