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Millennials Increasingly Seek Prenups

While they are often portrayed as monetary safeguards for the rich and famous, prenuptial agreements have been appealing to a different demographic in recent years: millennials. In fact, about 51 percent of family law attorneys within the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers said they have noticed an increase in the number of young couples seeking premarital agreements.

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  This New Year, Remember the Family in Family Law


As attorneys, I understand that we do have a responsibility to advocate our client’s position. Regardless, it also seems that we also have a responsibility to help our clients see the big picture as well as the impact that their actions may have on their children.


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Visitation and the Indiana Parenting Time Guidelines

For a person who has never been through a divorce the idea of having to exchange your children at particular times can be an unsettling feeling.  Nonetheless, in the event that during the divorce process spouses can’t agree on child visitation, the Indiana Parenting Guidelines allow us not to start from scratch when drafting marital agreements.  

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Should I Start Divorce Proceedings in January?

With December in the rearview mirror, unhappy couples who’ve been holding out through family gatherings and holiday hoopla are ready to – at last! – get on with their lives. Maybe last year’s resolution was to give the marriage another try, and now this year’s is to put it out of its misery.

There are some good reasons to initiate divorce proceedings in January; however, there are some potentially serious drawbacks, as well. Let’s go through some of the most notable pros and cons.

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Filing Bankruptcy After the Holidays


Many people assume that bankruptcy filings go up right after Christmas because people use their credit cards to purchase gifts and find themselves unable to make the payments when the bills arrive in January.  


We often hear from people who are in this situation, and they ask questions about any problems associated with their recent use of credit. 


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Trust & Estate Planning for Snowbirds


If you are one of the many “snowbirds” who migrate to Florida each year to escape the cold, there are some important considerations when it comes to planning your estate which can help avoid some possibly stressful and costly scenarios for those whom you leave behind.


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 Your Kid Goes to Jail, You Get the Bill

Today, mothers and fathers are billed for their children’s incarceration — in jails, detention centers, court-ordered treatment facilities, training schools or disciplinary camps — by 19 state juvenile-justice agencies, while in at least 28 other states, individual counties can legally do the same. But that may be changing.

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When Parents of Children with Disabilities Divorce


Each year, parents of a million American children divorce. Divorce affects everyone involved, but it is often the most difficult for children with disabilities. When custody determinations or modifications involve children with disabilities, the decisions regarding the “best interests of the child” can be even more complex.


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